Police in Gwynedd have found evidence of cocaine being used in a baby changing area in one of the county’s licensed premises.

Officers are working with local licensed premises to tackle the use of drugs in pubs and bars made the discovery at the weekend when officers visited 15 premises to conduct checks in the lead up to the busy festive period.

Specialist drug swipe kits were used to test surfaces in the restrooms and toilet areas. Unfortunately, 10 out of 15 of the premises showed positive results of traces of cocaine, including a baby changing area at one location. Advice has been given to licensees about how to report any concerns going forward and officers will be conducting further visits across the Gwynedd South area in the coming weeks.

Sergeant Simon Barlow said: “It is concerning to find evidence of cocaine use in the restrooms of these premises and we are committed to working with partners to eradicate this. We will be conducting more visits across the district in coming weeks and have applied for funding to provide drug wipe test kits and anti-drug deterrent sprays to licensed premises. I would encourage anyone with information about drugs in their local area to report it to police or anonymously via CrimeStoppers.”

Anyone with concerns about drugs should contact North Wales Police via their website, dial 101, or contact Crimestoppers.