An 'abnormal load' will be transported from Bangor to Barmouth today and tomorrow, North Wales Police (NWP) have said.

NWP said on social media that they will assist with the movement of the load today, Monday, 24 July, and tomorrow, Tuesday, 25 July. NWP issue warnings about abnormal roads to let drivers know traffic could be slower.

A post on NWP Gwynedd South's Facebook page says: "Please be aware that we are assisting with the escort of an abnormal load on Monday (24/07) from 10am and Tuesday (25/07) from 10am.

"The vehicle will be travelling along the A55 from Bangor Services to Marine Parade, Barmouth on 24/07 and 25/07."

The post states the load will leave Bangor Services today at 10am on both days, and will be transported to Marine Parade, Barmouth.

"Thank you in advance for your co-operation and patience," a NWP Gwynedd South spokesperson said.