Ceredigion MP Ben Lake has published the results of the community banking survey that he conducted at the start of the year.

The survey was aimed at charitable and community organisations in Ceredigion, allowing them to share their experiences of banking both face to face and online.

A total of 123 organisations engaged with the survey including Community and Town Councils, sports organisations, chapel and church committees, societies, clubs and voluntary organisations.

Many respondents “noted frustration at the lack of in-person provision”, in addition to “inconvenient branch opening hours” and “more generally that the service failed to appreciate the needs of communities in rural areas of Wales.”  Mr Lake said: "It is clear from the responses to the survey that there is widespread dissatisfaction with current banking services.

“The survey’s findings have reinforced my belief that Ceredigion needs banking hubs so that individuals, businesses and organisations can access face to face banking services to complete the more complex transactions and those unable to be undertaken online or at the Post Office.

“I recently met with the FCA and Link to raise concerns that existing regulations fail to account for the impact of branch closures on community accounts and customers in rural areas.”