Plans to scrap a school library service, halve the amount of mobile library vans, and move town libraries into shared buildings have been approved as part of Ceredigion’s final budgets despite councillor concerns.

Ceredigion County Council will consult on plans to co-locate libraries into existing council buildings after the budget was approved, alongside moving ahead with saving £47,000 by removing the library service to schools, and £70,000 by halving the number of mobile library vans from four to two.

A report said the plan to re-locate libraries would “free up space” and would provide a “continued sustainable library provision with reduced costs.”

At a full council meeting on 29 February, Ann Bowen Morgan, councillor for Lampeter where the plan is to move the town’s existing library into the new well-being centre, said that residents have “concerns” over the plan.

“The people of Lampeter are worried about this, but I’m please there will be a consultation,” she said.