People in Aberystwyth will have their chance to join a national conversation and have their say on how Wales is run this week.

The Independent Commission for the Constitutional Future of Wales, will be at Tesco’s Park Avenue on Friday, 25 August, from 10am for a drop-in session to hear what the people of Aberystwyth have to say about how their country is run and how they think Wales should be governed.

Co-chaired by Professor Laura McAllister and Dr Rowan Williams, The Independent Commission for the Constitutional Future of Wales is the first of its kind in Wales to involve citizens in a national conversation on how their country is run.

It is exploring the current constitutional structures and working to develop three options to strengthen Wales’ democratic future.

The group of 11 Commission members have varied backgrounds, expertise and political views, and aim to create vigorous and inspirational debate around what the future of Wales could look like.

The group need the people of Wales to come forward with their opinions, with an invitation to come and speak openly and honestly about the issues affecting them. The Commission is asking people to share what matters to them about how Wales is governed - what works, what doesn’t and what could change. A survey of questions has been compiled by the Commission for the public in Aberystwyth to respond to and contribute their views.

The Commission wants to talk to as many people as possible to find out what matters to explore options for change that will improve people’s lives and give people a voice in Wales.

Speaking about the reasons for people in Ceredigion to come and share their views at the drop-in session with the Commission, Dr Anwen Elias said: “We’re living through a time of immense political change and there’s growing recognition across the UK that the Union needs to reform, with movements for more radical change – including independence – gaining traction. If the UK should change radically, Wales must be ready and be on the front foot. You don’t have to be an expert or have a background in politics - simply having an opinion is enough. We want to hear from everyone about the Wales we want, and the Wales we want for our children and grandchildren.”

Anyone in Wales or with an interest in how Wales is run can also share their view on the Commission’s online engagement platform or by email.

Everyone in Wales is encouraged to sign up and join in the conversation and participate in surveys, discussions, and polls until 1 October, 2023.