CEREDIGION MS Elin Jones has announced that she will not be attending this weekend’s Coronation of King Charles III.

Ms Jones, who is the Presiding Officer, or Llywydd, at the Senedd in Cardiff, said that ‘as a republican’ she felt it ‘is for others to celebrate a coronation’.

Instead, the Deputy Presiding Officer, Labour MS David Rees, will attend the coronation at Westminster Abbey.

In a statement, Ms Jones said: “I have taken a personal decision not to attend the Coronation.

“The Senedd will be represented by the Deputy Presiding Officer.

“As Llywydd I have engaged fully in all constitutional duties with the Head of State and will continue to do so.

“However, as a republican, I consider it is for others to celebrate a coronation.

“I wish the royal couple well in their years of service.”

The decision not to attend has been criticised by the leader of the Welsh Conservatives.

Andrew RT Davies MS said: “The position of Llywydd is apolitical, their role is to represent Members of the Senedd and the people of Wales, particularly on important state occasions, regardless of their personal views.

“This is a very surprising and disappointing decision by the Llywydd, today. Just yesterday, the parliament over which Elin Jones presides unanimously passed a motion to congratulate the King and Queen Consort on their Coronation this weekend.

“If the Presiding Officer wants a new political job instead, she should put forward her CV for the position of Plaid Cymru leader.”