The Senedd has voted to back an independent commission’s recommendations on protecting devolution and strengthening Welsh democracy.

In one of his final acts as first minister, Mark Drakeford led a debate on the report of the independent commission on Wales’ constitutional future.

The commission, led by Laura McAllister and Rowan Williams, made 10 recommendations including devolving rail infrastructure, policing, probation and youth justice.

The commission identified three viable options: enhanced devolution, a federal UK, and independence, but stopped short of endorsing any one option.

Outlining the Welsh Government’s formal response to the report, Prof Drakeford agreed with its conclusion that the status quo is neither a viable nor secure foundation.

He said the shortcomings and fragilities of the devolution settlement were exposed while Boris Johnson was prime minister.

He accused the UK Government of turning its back on the Sewel convention which states the UK Parliament will “not normally” legislate on devolved matters without consent.

Prof Drakeford said repeated willingness to override the refusal of consent from the Senedd disrespects Wales’ democratic institutions and deprives the electorate of a mandate.

He told the chamber further powers must be about having the tools to support public services, strengthen the economy and improve the well-being of Wales.