Communities across north Wales will soon benefit from a new initiative involving the redistribution of seized property.

In an effort to minimise waste, items which would otherwise be destroyed will now generate funds for charitable projects within the region.

Designated clothing collection bins will be installed at stations across the force area as part of this project.

Clothing seized during shoplifting investigations that is not reclaimed by the vendor will be collected along with items donated by officers and police staff.

All proceeds from the sale of these goods will be donated to the Police and Community Trust (PACT) which, in turn, will support local community projects.

NWP’s Seized Property Manager, Rebecca Bywaters has launched the scheme, which will soon be active across the force area.

She said: “Up until recently, most of our seized property was disposed of in skips.

“Certain items, like data devices, drugs, and firearms would be disposed of via the appropriate channels, but everything else would be thrown away.

“As a force, we’re pleased to be taking these positive steps towards reducing waste on a large scale, whilst simultaneously raising essential funds for PACT.”

Other seized items have already been donated to local enterprises, including baby products, cosmetics, food items, toiletries, and cleaning products.

Items donated by North Wales Police were distributed to services including:

• Young Persons’ supported living projects for those aged 16 upwards.

• Complex Needs Accommodation for over 18s.

• Emergency accommodation for rough sleepers

• A Mother and Baby Unit

• A Women’s Refuge

• Family Centre

• Older people services, including care homes and sheltered accommodation.

• Tenants in their own homes receiving support.

Rebecca added: “Aligned with the Chief Constable’s Force Vision, North Wales Police remains committed to tackling retail crime and property theft.

“However, where this crime does occur and the property is not reclaimed, we’re proud that we can support good causes in our area.

If you are involved with a north Wales-based charity or community project and would like to register your interest in this scheme you can email Rebecca Bywaters at [email protected]