OVER £900,000 has been earmarked to improve pedestrian safety for hospital users and school children on the Llyn Peninsula.

A long-running campaign to ensure pedestrian safety whilst approaching Bryn Beryl Hospital has succeeded in securing a grant of £645,000 from the Welsh Government to build a pavement on a busy A-road so users no longer have to dice with death.

The money will be used to upgrade existing footway provision between Y Ffôr and Bryn Beryl Hospital and create a new route from the hospital to Pwllheli, utilising a section of an unclassified road near Llwyn Hudol to connect to an existing A497 pathway.

A further £260,000 will be spent improving pedestrian safety at Ysgol Cymerau in Pwllheli.

Michael Sol Owen, who served as a county councillor for nearly 30 years, was thrilled the Bryn Beryl access problem was finally being dealt with.

“During my time as a councillor, I’ve heard countless horror stories about people walking along this roadway,” he told the Cambrian News.

“I’ve had people telling me they’ve been clipped by wing mirrors and nearly run over. It’s worse with prams and wheelchairs.

“For 30 years now it’s been a constant source of complaints and I’ve dealt with very many letters looking for the situation to be addressed, it’s only got worse as traffic volume has gone up.

“This grant money is to be welcomed. The town council and I have been banging this drum for years – it really is an accident waiting to happen.”

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