Plans to install a metal tree on Borth beach are nowhere near fruition – two years after planning permission was gained.

The controversial project drew lots of objections from locals who did not want a metal sculpture ruining the natural beauty of the beach.

But Taliesin artist Robert Davies pushed ahead with plans and, despite the original application being rejected by planners in Ceredigion, it was approved on appeal by the Welsh Government.

Since then, a group of Borth residents have met monthly to discuss the project and their ‘staunch’ opposition to it.

Mr Davies told the Cambrian News this week that “we’re working hard on all facets of the project”, but no dates have been given for if or when the project will go ahead.

On Monday, 10 February, 14 members of the opposition group met at the Friendship Inn pub in Borth.

Rychard Carrington, who is a prominent member of the group, said: “Last year we had a very well-attended benefit concert and distributed posters throughout the village. If you visit Borth you will see the ‘no tree’ symbol everywhere; a large proportion of residents have a poster in their windows.

“Beyond the substantial number of people who have campaigned actively there are many people in the village and beyond who are aghast at how the sculpture might impact upon the beautiful beach, as well as people very concerned about safety and other practical aspects.”

He added: “It should be stressed that the anti-sculpture campaigners respect the opinions of, and remain friends with, those who are in favour of the sculpture.”

Mr Carrington told the Cambrian News that they believe Mr Davies is currently trying to raise the funds necessary for the project.

“It would be great if the plan were to die a quiet death,” he said. “If it did we would wish Mr Davies well in his future artistic projects.

“If Mr Davies presses ahead with his intentions, we will actively oppose them as staunchly as ever.”