A retired engineer has offered to transform a ‘run down’ bus stop for free.

Phillip Turner Wright, 73, this winter realised the leaking bus stop in Dôl-y-bont village, often used by school children, was in desperate need of repair.

The roof is falling apart allowing rainwater in and it houses a single wooden stool as a seat in the shelter.

Phillip said it is often “littered with vapes on the floor” whilst calling the makeshift seat “ridiculous”.

He also said the tarmac is badly leveled meaning rain and mud often pool at the bus stop.

However what has perplexed Phillip more is the lack of response from Geneu'r Glyn community council.

On offering to paint the shelter, relevel it, and add a bench for free he says he was met with silence.

Phillip said: “The bus stop is disgusting, it’s a mess.

“I wrote to the council clerk in December and offered to put the whole thing right for them free of charge but they don’t seem to be interested.

“I sent them a survey of the plans for the shelter, they said they’d discuss it in the January meeting but never got back to me.”

Geneu'r Glyn Community Council has been approached for comment.