Road works causing long queues along the A487 between Aberystwyth and Aberaeron will pause over the half term week.

Grass cutting and maintenance work is being carried out by traffic management teams for the North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent - the body in charge of maintaining public roads on behalf of the Welsh government.

The work requires the use of stop and go traffic management systems, which are likely leading to the long queues.

The work will be paused from today, Thursday 26 October, until Monday 6 November. Afterwards, the road work will continue, and move north towards Aberystwyth.

A spokesperson for the Welsh government said: “The work being undertaken on the A487 between Aberaeron and Aberystwyth is grass cutting maintenance which is being managed by stop/go traffic management.

"Works will pause (Thursday 26 October) and restart on Monday 6 November.

"The work will then continue North to Aberystwyth over the following week.”