Aries (21 Mar - 20 Apr)

Time spent putting financial affairs in good order is not time wasted. Any on-going disputes or disagreements concerning shared finances will be sorted to your liking. This is a good time to put your signature to a document that will officially link you with another. You’re thinking about life and contentment and of course life could be more exciting but would that really make you happy?

Taurus (21 Apr - 21 May)

At times you might wonder whether you are making the right decision. All aspects of your life can improve if you force yourself to broaden your horizons. A quiet time is in store for the end of the week. If you’re spending time with the one you love, be sure to take this opportunity to say those special things that have been on your mind. Words will come easily.

Gemini (22 May - 21 Jun)

Don’t be ashamed to ask for guidance, instructions or even help if you are working on something you have never done before. People with more knowledge and experience would be the best ones to approach. If you turn to others who are more or less in the same boat as yourself, you aren’t likely to get very far. Are you single? You will find that someone has been waiting for a sign of your affections.

Cancer (22 Jun - 23 Jul)

Jobs you used to enjoy hold no interest to you now. The enthusiasm you once had for these activities has waned. You’re continuing with what is expected of you purely out of duty. There is no pleasure in current obligations. It is time to make a big change. You need to start feeding your spiritual side. When you have inner tranquillity you will start making better choices.

Leo (24 Jul - 23 Aug)

A friend who has cause to be miserable seems to want others to feel the same way. They will try to pour cold water on your plans. It will be frustrating when you can’t seem to get far without something or someone trying to thwart you. Getting angry about it will not resolve a difficult situation. It could even make matters worse. Be diplomatic even with people you feel are in the wrong.

Virgo (24 Aug - 23 Sep)

Domestic plans will have to be put on hold through no fault of your own. You have a right to be angry with the people or person who has caused this delay. Even so, don’t be too quick to give them a piece of our mind. This enforced waiting time will give you more chances to think and you might decide that some plans aren’t right for you after all. A friend will pay back a loan. Curb an impulse to spend.

Libra (24 Sep - 23 Oct)

New experiences will make you feel more energised, more confident and more hopeful for the future. Even so, success and happiness will only arrive if you continue in as determined a direction as you are going in now. There will be the odd hurdle to get over. This is when you should refuse to allow doubts get the better of you. You feel ready to approach someone to discuss unresolved issues.

Scorpio (24 Oct - 22 Nov)

Signs point to the need for you to exercise patience in financial concerns. Wait until others are ready to listen to what you have to say and you are more likely to sort things out more easily. You will want to make the most of any chance to get involved in activities that are unusual and spontaneous. This could mean postponing other plans but what does this matter? Go where the mood takes you.

Sagittarius (23 Nov - 21 Dec)

Some problems cannot be ignored any longer. Burying your head in the sand is not the right answer. You cannot keep assuming that things will sort themselves out if you leave them be. Unless you take action, everything will remain the same. In order to be in control financially, you will need to pay bills when they are due and avoid impulse buying if money is tight.

Capricorn (22 Dec - 20 Jan)

There’s a lot to be gained from nurturing a team spirit both at work and in a social capacity There will be a positive response from all when other people accept the need to create harmony amongst the troops. A group endeavour will bring pleasing results. If you have no plans that include other people, at least respond positively to the attempts friends are making to include you in their arrangements.

Aquarius (21 Jan - 19 Feb)

A team effort should be encouraged both in your work and home environment. There’s an old saying that two heads are better than one and this week you will agree that this seems to be true. Be sure to complete jobs begun earlier in November before starting on anything new and don’t forget to put some time aside. Cutting down on festive spending will make Christmas this year more affordable.

Pisces (20 Feb - 20 Mar)

There’s nothing to be lost through letting a purposeful and industrious mood go to your head. In fact, there is likely to be everything to gain. Restrictions are easing and you are starting to feel as if your life is improving. A partner needs your support. They will be secretly pleased you are going out of your way to give them the encouragement they currently need.

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