PUPILS who allegedly had their school prom cancelled will still get the chance to party, thanks to the determination of their parents and donations from kind-hearted locals.

A group of parents, who do not want to be named, said Year 11 pupils at Ysgol Bro Idris in Dolgellau had been told there would be a prom at the rugby club. Parents purchased outfits for their excited teenagers, but claim there were tears when the school decided to hold a disco in the day instead.

One parent said: “The youngsters have got their outfits ready for a prom but now they’ve been told there won’t be one and they can have a disco in the day at school instead.

“We’ve spent over £160 on a dress and shoes, and the dress has been altered so we can’t send it back.

“It’s not fair to promise kids something and then take it away. They’ve already had the promise of white water rafting, paid for by the government, taken away, and trips to Alton Towers and Cardiff have been cancelled. They’ve had a miserable time because of Covid and now this. A lot of the girls said there’s no point wearing dresses to school in the morning for a disco in the afternoon. Also, how can Year 11 have a disco in the day when other classes will still be taking place?”

Another parent added: “I haven’t spoken to the school but a lot of parents have been disappointed on behalf of their children. There will be a disco from 1.30pm-4pm instead of a prom in the evening, but pupils won’t have time to go home and get changed, and they don’t want to wear prom outfits all day, so we decided to do something.”

The parents took to Facebook to ask for help and John Paul Raghoobar, mayor of Dolgellau, was one of many who responded.

“I saw the appeal for help to find a venue and asked the booking clerk at the Free Library in Dolgellau if it was free and it is. The children have been through so much with Covid and trying to study through it. It’s not been easy on them and it would be a shame to miss out.”

The mayor has also offered to pay for the hire of the venue, and the prom will take place at the Free Library on Friday, 24 June.

“Having a venue and the mayor offering to pay for it has really helped,” one parent told the Cambrian News.

“We put another post up asking if local businesses might be able to help with money or food or anything else for the prom and people have been amazing! £520 was donated in just a couple of days. It’s very overwhelming.

“The kids want this to happen and they want to wear their nice dresses. It was gutting for them to be told there wouldn’t be an evening do after all.

“We’d like to thank everyone who has donated their time, or money, or items for the prom, and all of the parents who have helped.”

Donations are still coming in for the prom but as well as the mayor’s offer to pay for the venue, Marsha Roberts has donated decorations and will decorate, Unicorn, Dolgellau have donated money and sausage rolls, Maria Jones has donated money and offered to help at the venue, Kathryn Gladstone (Prizes Galore) has donated money raised from a raffle, Eurospar Dolgellau has donated a voucher to buy refreshments, Bob Gunton has donated wristbands and a cake and 50 cupcakes have been donated anonymously.

Mark Wiseman, Stephen Atherton (Milliput), Sandi Rocca (Be Fabulous, Barmouth) and Angharad Rowlands (Hufenfa Storage Ltd) have donated cash.

The Cambrian News has approached the school and Gwynedd Council for a comment.