Aberystwyth students have voted to change the name of Aberystwyth University Students’ Union at the annual general meeting, attended by 150 students.

Elain Gwynedd, Welsh Culture Officer and UMCA President presented an idea for discussion and a vote at the ‘big meeting’ on Monday, 4 March; “Should Aberystwyth Students’ Union change its name and be recognized as Undeb Aberystwyth?”

81 per cent of students in attendance voted in support of the name change.

Aberystwyth Students’ Union was the first Students’ Union in Wales to introduce a bilingual policy and operate fully bilingually with everything we share with Aberystwyth students published both in Welsh and English.

Announcing the change, the union said: “The name change reflects the Welsh identity of the union and aligns with one of the core values of “Caru’r Gymraeg - We champion Welsh language and culture”. What better way to convey this than by changing the name to Undeb Aberystwyth.”

Elain Gwynedd, who presented the idea, is very excited to become Undeb Aberystwyth: “This change is an important milestone in the Union’s history and shows our commitment to the Welsh language.

“My ambition was to change the name to reflect the Welsh identity of the Students’ Union and I’m extremely grateful that the proposition passed in the AGM by a significant majority. It was also great to see members of the Welsh Language Students’ Union of Aberystwyth come to support the proposition.

“This year is very important in UMCA’s history as we are celebrating half a century, so succeeding to change the wider Union’s name to a Welsh only one tops off our celebrations.”

Speaking about the milestone development for the union, Trish McGrath Chief Executive of Undeb Aberystwyth, expressed enthusiasm for the new identity: "We are very excited to have a strong Welsh identity as we unveil Undeb Aberystwyth as our new name. The change reflects our values and that we really do “Caru Cymraeg”.

“It is welcomed by our staff team who are already proud to work for the union in Aberystwyth, but having a clear Welsh identity will make us even prouder.”