AN Aberystwyth supermarket says it is 'very much aware' of a pothole issue in its car park and is working hard to resolve the issue.

Over the last year, several shoppers have complained over the state of the Morrisons car park, with one large hole near the entrance being described as being 'more like a meteor strike than a pothole'.

The holes have been patched up on a number of occasions at the Parc y Llyn Retail Park site, but keep reappearing.

Morrisons pothole
The store says it is very much aware of the issue (Supplied)

The Cambrian News contacted Morrisons, who said they had spoken to the store and 'can confirm that the team are very much aware of the issue and working hard to get it resolved, adding: "Contractors are due to be on site in the coming weeks to resolve the issue."