As we are coming into winter, there is still time for house buyers to get a sale before Christmas.

Nigel Salmon of Fine & Country Wales has created a quick 10-step plan to work with sellers who are on the market and looking for fresh impetus and momentum to get their property sold in the west Wales area.

Here is his advice to get moving again:

1) Accurate pricing – clients are more informed about the local property market than ever before; we want you to get the best possible price, but we do not want to scare off the potential buyers. It is important to get an MOT on your property and its marketability; 60 per cent of properties sell with the second agent instructed.

Fresh thinking and strategy are the key.

2) Exchange ready – has your solicitor got everything ready on your sale? Can you effortlessly give your new buyer and their solicitors everything they need? This is what buyers want to hear.

3) Have you got a video of the property? The virtual visit has never been more important than it is now. Videos are expected by buyers, and lead to better viewings.

4) Presentation? Has the property been presented to its best? Are the photographs recent? Have they been taken with a mobile phone? Professional photos, drones, floorplans are now expected and will give your home the edge. This investment will pay dividends.

5) How is your brochure designed? How does it flow, again this is important, presentation is vital. First impressions are key.

6) Social media marketing - how often has your home been on Facebook? Social media is a nationwide and global phenomenon, it could hold the key to a buyer, especially if you have a video or drone video.

7) National advertising - is your property being advertised nationally? With Covid, properties in the more rural areas of the UK are now more popular than ever with buyers coming from all over the UK. Coverage is vital and if buyers are not going to be local, vital.

8) Are you Covid-ready for viewings? Is there a plan for viewings? Can your agent help with the viewings? Are they coming with clients?

9) Honest feedback and two-weekly reviews - are you prepared for realistic feedback and a realistic plan? Having a structured call for feedback and a review will keep things moving well. Do you get valid feedback?

10) Choosing the right buyer. And the right price - it is vital you have an experienced and competent agent getting you moved safely, over 25 per cent of sales fall through and much of this can be avoided at the point of accepting an offer.

Asking the tough questions and qualifying your buyer will save you time

Fine & Country West Wales serves the west Wales area from New Quay, Aberaeron, Lampeter, Tregaron to Aberystwyth and surrounding areas.

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