A new study has revealed the most common lines used by people looking to make a quick escape from Christmas gatherings, writes Vicky Duncan, SWNS.

The questionable excuses used for getting out of festive social events include ‘the babysitter needs me to come home’, ‘I’ve got toilet troubles’ – and ‘I’ve got a work emergency’.

A study of 2,000 adults revealed 38 per cent admit to feeling obligated to attend gatherings during the festive period, even if they don’t want to go.

For those who do attend, commonly used excuses to flee a festive scene include ‘I want to beat the traffic’, ‘I’ve got an early start tomorrow’ and ‘I have a family emergency’.

It also emerged the top reasons for wanting to escape a Christmas bash include avoiding small talk, feeling awkward and not liking people at the party.

The research was commissioned by international mobility provider SIXT UK, to celebrate its range of premium cars for hire.

A spokesperson said: “We’ve all been there - stuck at a social gathering when we’d rather be at home in front of the TV.

“Even if it is the most wonderful time of the year, there are some obligations that leave us scrambling for an escape.”

Top 10 excuses

  1. I’ve got an early start tomorrow
  2. I’ve got work tomorrow
  3. I had a late night last night
  4. I’ve got a tummy ache / having ‘toilet troubles’
  5. I have a family emergency
  6. I’ve double booked myself and realised I’m supposed to be somewhere else
  7. I want to beat the traffic
  8. I don’t want to spend money on the food and drink
  9. I’ve got a work emergency
  10. The babysitter needs me to come home