The Talyllyn Railway believe they may have scored a world-first recently when a set of triplets all passed their training as assistant guards on the same day.

The 16-year-old Waddington triplets (from left) Jake, Joe and Ross, are seen in front of locomotive No.6 Douglas.

The brothers all came through their assessment with flying colours and have moved to the next level of training before becoming guards on the railway.

The brothers, who are local residents, have been volunteering on the railway for a couple of years. In order to make sure they could all qualify together, special arrangements were made for them all to be assessed on the same day.

Commenting on the brothers’ achievements, Ian Drummond, chairman of the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society, said: “Joe, Jake and Ross have contributed a great deal to the railway already.

Their positive attitude in all that they do has won them many friends on the railway and we look forward to seeing them progress further in the years ahead.”