Gwynedd council has conceded that Tywyn’s ‘dangerous crumbling’ promenade will need reconstruction – and parts will remain closed.

Former county councillor Mike Stevens says the promenade has badly deteriorated in the last few years but has been ignored by the council.

Owner of Neptune Caravan Park, Leigh Tunnadine, said the walkway looks ‘awful’ and could potentially lead to accidents.

Ms Tunnadine says the town’s Victorian prom is maintained while the connecting paths adjacent to the caravan sites to the south and to the backs of homes in Plas Edwards to the north are left to fall into disrepair.

She said there are only two access points to the beach for visitors to her park now.

She said: “It’s a health and safety risk to anyone who comes down here.

“That slipway is now closed off, which has made access to the beach more difficult. The steps at the other end are closed off now because the handrail has gone missing – and it’s only a matter of time before other parts are damaged because of the wear and the erosion.

“So, visitors don’t have easy access onto the beach which is our asset – the town’s asset. The tourism industry is what makes this town thrive.

“The top of the prom, where people walk on, is cracking! And the same thing happened at the north end – where there was a collapse.”

A long-time critic of the council, Mr Stevens claims the council ignoring problems on the prom only cements Gwynedd Council’s reputation for overlooking the town.

He says he often hears from people moaning about the state of it.

He said: “Tywyn prom has never looked so bad. Grass beds haven’t been cut all year. Historic plaques on the Victorian slipway have been left to deteriorate through no maintenance.

“Information signs have been left to tarnish and stones haven’t been swept up. Photos show the bad state of the Neptune Road slipway and steps which Gwynedd Council has ignored for over a year. All they have done is cordon off the area.

“It all seems part of the neglect of Tywyn by remote officers in Caernarfon.”

Gwynedd Council’s press office did not respond to our questions despite being prompted.

But an email to a resident said: “We are aware that certain areas of the prom have fallen into disrepair and intend to take appropriate corrective measures.

“The slipway at Neptune Road has been closed for some weeks due to washout of material leading to instability of the concrete deck – the same problem also occurred last year.

“Washout is linked to falling beach levels in front of the structure... we must keep the slipway closed on health and safety grounds.”

The council said it would consider reconstruction to prevent the problem in future but it will require ‘proper planning and design’ as well as environmental permits.