Glaslyn Ospreys celebrated the return of male osprey Aran who arrived back for his tenth year on Saturday, 30 March, but where is Elen?

Aran returned with a fish at 4.58pm. Glaslyn welcomed Elen on Tuesday, 26 March. She spent time on the nest the following day but hasn’t been seen since.

Aran is back but Elen hasn't been seen for days
Aran is back but Elen hasn't been seen for days... (Glaslyn)

Last year she replaced Mrs G, who did not return after 19 years at Glaslyn. Elen and Aran had two chicks.

It is not known Aran and Elen spend winter, but the majority of UK ospreys migrate to Africa.

Visitor Centre Manager Heather Corfield said: “Elen is a young osprey and having arrived back for her second year to an empty nest last week she is likely to have set off exploring the area and is possibly visiting other nests. It is not unusual for returning birds to do that. But we would like to see her back at her nest – and so would Aran!”

Home to Welsh ospreys since 2004, Glaslyn attracts thousands of visitors every year.

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Elen has returned to Glaslyn
Elen returned to Glaslyn last week but hasn’t been seen for days (Glaslyn Ospreys)