Up close footage has been taken of baby frogs, aka tadpoles, delightfully doing their thing in a pond in Coed Y Bont in Pontrhydfendigaid.

The remarkable footage shows the multicoloured nature of these tiny-tailed creatures, their small hungry mouths and their glittering bellies.

Several of the tadpoles' translucent skin can be seen, showing their organs as they wriggle around.

Frog tadpoles showing their true colours complete with bubbles, tiny mouths and shimmering bellies in a happy pond in Pontrhydfendigaid
(Simon Batty)

The footage was taken on 21 March in the same pond where this incredible footage was taken of the croaking chorus of the common frog as they spawned in the same spot just eight weeks ago.

Simon said: “With this mild weather the frog numbers are increasing rapidly in my local ponds. Across January numbers often exceed 500 or 600 mating frogs at the ponds.

“They start spawning on the first of February and by the fifth, there were over 1,000 breeding frogs with a mass of spawn.”

But the tiny things become black when looking further away
But the tiny things become black when looking further away (Simon Batty)

The wildlife photographer hopes to catch the small creatures again in a months time as they miraculously sprout tiny legs.