Water continues to leak at a busy junction in Tywyn High street 10 days after it was first reported.

Mike Stevens Chairman of the Tourism & Commerce (CTC) said there was a leak at the same spot eight weeks ago.

He said: “There has been a water leak at busy junction in Tywyn high street that has been running since it started on Saturday, 27 April.

“Astonishingly Welsh Water have made no attempt to fix it despite numerous reports. To add insult to injury there was a leak at the same spot eight weeks ago that they spent three days working on to repair but obviously couldn't have done a very good job. This completely displays the ineptitude of Welsh Water who have become a laughing stock.

“Although the amount of water is not excessive the volume over the 10 days must be considerable.

“Tywyn high street had enough disruption by Welsh Water last year when they were trundling 12-15 tankers of raw sewage for over seven months when their Dolgellau works was undergoing major repairs. This lead to sewage pollution on Tywyn beach which effected many people.

Mr Stevens has captured this image of the leak
Mr Stevens has captured this image of the leak (Picture supplied)

“Welsh Water are no longer fit for purpose their record is appalling for leaks and worse dumping raw sewage in rivers and the sea.

“The Welsh Government must now intervene as the current management of the water company is almost beyond incompetent.

“We are told Welsh Water is a not for profit company if that is the case where does our hard earned money go?

“If they don't have share holders to pay out then there should be ample finance to solve all their problems.

“The fact we have these massive on going problems is self evident of very poor management.

“I sincerely hope Welsh Water get their finger out and repair the high street leak but I’m not holding my breath.”

Welsh Water say they are aware of the leak, have inspected it and are “in the planning phase of the repair”.

“Due to its location on a busy road, we require traffic management in place and have worked with the local authority to agree a timeline to carry out the work safely and minimise disruption to residents. 

“Permission for the traffic management has now been secured and we will be undertaking the repair work in the coming days.”

The spokesperson apologised for any inconvenience and thanks the people of Tywyn for bearing with them.