The Welsh Government has nothing to add following Saturday's protest in Llanbedr over the scrapping of its bypass.

When asked to comment on the latest action from campaigners hoping to resurrect scrapped bypass plans, a spokesperson for the Welsh Government told the Cambrian News they had "nothing to add to previous line".

The statement from them previously said: “The threat from climate change means we must take a different approach to transport, which is why set up an independent roads review to look in detail at the plans to increase road capacity in Wales.

“Like the Welsh Government and many other organisations, Gwynedd Council has declared a climate emergency. We are working with the council to develop sustainable solutions to address traffic issues in the village.”

On Saturday, Llanbedr residents marched in protest at the Welsh Government’s scrapping of the bypass.

Residents told our reporter Alex Bowen that they have been left feeling "blanked, and lied to" by the Welsh Government and the Roads Review Panel.

The decision to scrap the bypass has been opposed by Gwynedd Council, Dwyfor Meirionnydd MS Mabon ap Gwynfor and the area MP, Liz Saville Roberts.

The MP said: “The community’s being used for political purposes. They’re suffering a climate injustice. Everyone here is engaged with reaching net zero carbon emissions, but the people here are suffering, and they’re suffering now. It’s wrong to see Llanbedr, and north Wales, as distant, and remote areas.

“It’s hypocritical of the Welsh Government to talk about all these ideas for climate change, when the community in Llanbedr is being left to hang out on its own.

“When the Welsh government talks about climate justice, we need to know which communities they are actually looking at implementing change within, and which ones are being given bland statements which sound good to say in events like COP 26.”

Jane Taylor organised the protest with community group, Pobl. Hear what she has to say about the situation in Alex's video.