This summer, the sun has indeed shone and Porthmadog has basked in the regular and priceless publicity conveyed to millions of people through the accolade of being “Britain’s warmest place”.

Apart from the weather, we have outstanding destinations, shops and catering establishments which form the lifeblood of our local economy.

What once stood in Porthmadog to guide our tourists to them is now an empty shell which, until last year, served as a tourist information centre. The building is located at the town’s most prominent spot, but now stands as a symbol of neglect with the signs torn down from its face.

I understand that there are legally binding conditions which gives Y Ganolfan (community centre) the right to insist that Gwynedd Council can only use this building for the purpose of running a tourist information centre.

However, a very brief report given to Porthmadog Town Council in June stated that “Y Ganolfan’s management committee had agreed to alter the lease to allow Gwynedd Council to use the building for something else”.

Y Ganolfan is a registered charity, funded by the people of Porthmadog through an annual grant by the town council.

On an important matter such as this, there must be a clear, unambiguous and public statement from the management committee and our Gwynedd councillors to explain what on earth is going on.

Yours etc

Gary Williams, Porthmadog.

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