Letter to the Editor: I am not really interested in engaging with the localtransphobes, though I find it interesting that they say biology makes my genderbut then assumed I have certain genitals and organs.

I would like to state that WWDAS do support men who haveexperienced domestic abuse. That is correct. Nothing wrong with that. However,they also have women only spaces, women only refuges, women only groupprogrammes and all their support workers for both adults and children arewomen. In fact 19 of the 20 staff are women. The last one is a non-binary adminworker.

Alice and other transphobes would know this if they actuallydid any work with domestic abuse organisations and charities instead of tryingto use them as mouth pieces for their hate speech.

You’ve also published two letters trashing the RSE lessons.Please I’m begging you stop giving these hateful people space to spew theirhomophobia and transphobia.

R Williams,


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