A link between litter and declining morals?

Monday 25th April 2022 7:08 am
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Too much litter
Too much litter (Cambrian News )

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I, like letter writer Philip Van-Gucci, (Letters, Cambrian News, 6 April) have seen the great decline of the lowering of public responsibilities towards their lives and others and towards the environment they live in. I too climbed and have walked the Aran, Cadir Idris and Yr Wyddfa and have been on all these peaks from the early 1990 as a member of the South Gwynedd Raynetet Group.

We were responsible for the safety and controlling of the runners in their respected triathlon and marathons with the aid of 2-meter radios as mobiles were still a thing of the future! There were then many spectators and litter was never a problem .

Yes, there has been a lowering of people’s values and this has been growing like the litter since the early 1980s. When I went to school up to the 1960s, if you dropped litter in the playground and the teacher saw you, you stayed behind and picked all or any litter on the floor in the whole school! This, like the cane, drew a line and gave you respect to your adults and teachers alike.

Alas, with success governments giving freedom to the individuals and lowering discipline has created an industry of child psychologists, social workers and children on drugs with depression. This, of course, is a reality that humans without order are the most stupid of animals, which leads governments to successfully exploit us with bureaucracy and new unnecessary paper work.

I could go on but I lived in Great Britain, when we all worked together. It was after Prime Minister Harold Macmillan said: “you have never had it so good” that we began to destroy the things that kept us great — grammar schools, national service, hanging for murder and corporal punishment.

We should keep Britain tidy in both mind and soul.

Mohammad Tahla, Llanarth

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