So, 14 years of tumultuous Conservative rule in the United Kingdom has ended with a resounding defeat for Rishi Sunak. The election of Labour with a huge majority at least now provides some stability and certainty to allow Sir Keir Starmer to pursue his policy of renewing Britain.

But what of Wales?

For decades, and certainly when the nation returned 40 Members of Parliament to Westminster, the Conservatives were a strong voice for rural Wales. Now, following Thursday’s General Election, Conservatives MP are like the dodo bird - extinct. And those results showed that in many constituencies, Tory candidates were squeezed into third by Reform UK or Plaid Cymru candidates.

Across Wales, four Plaid MPs were returned along with one Liberal-Democrat while the remaining 27 seats were filled by Labour MPs.

While Labour’s victory looks like a landslide in much of Wales, the reality is that overall, the party’s vote in the nation actually declined. It may be a victory but it is a case that many voters simply found them to be the least objectionable.

The decline in votes no doubt reflects the high-handed and arrogant tone being adopted by First Minister Vaughan Gething, a leader in whom the Senedd has no confidence.

At least now, with a Labour Government both in Cardiff and Westminster, Mr Gething might be in a position to secure higher levels of funding for our National Health Service. It’s broken and broke. Maybe Mr Gething could tap some of his friends for a loan? He has history there.

Plaid Cymru are a growing force in Wales, and four MPs were returned to the House of Commons. A majority of voters from Angelsey to the Gower on our western fringes believe that the party offers a credible alternative to Welsh Labour and think that this nation’s destiny is separate from the rest of this United Kingdom.

Now the hard work begins. Public service and political office are difficult career choices, saddled with frustrations, riddled with self-doubt and always a popularity contest every five years.

But we will be watching you.