If we want a future that includes decent public services, then a growing economy is essential. Even the UK Labour Party are waking up to this. So it’s critical that our young people get the educational opportunity they need to fulfil their potential. That includes the provision of great quality sixth form education in Ceredigion.

With reduced numbers entering secondary and sixth form education, and small centres of population spread over a large area, the challenge shouldn’t be underestimated. But money isn’t the problem here. A Welsh Government underspend has seen £155 million go back to London; £32m could be found for the 20mph project; and the cost of that to the economy (middle estimate £5 billion over 30 years) is likely to represent a recurring loss of tax revenue of at least £33m per annum.

It all comes down to choices. What matters; virtue signalling vanity projects which damage the economy, or our young peoples’ future?

It must be galling for our Plaid Cymru-run council to have to sort this one out. The plan was that Plaid’s deal to prop up Welsh Labour in the Senedd would give them influence via “constructive opposition”.

It’s time to see that influence in action. Frittering our money away whilst compromising our young peoples’ life chances just isn’t good enough. Demand better!