Greens have little or no understanding of reality

Saturday 23rd April 2022 6:08 am
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The removal of targets for land-based wind turbines has been criticised
The removal of targets for land-based wind turbines has been criticised (Pixabay )

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When will the Greens and the engineering and technically challenged critics realise that you just cannot close all fossil-fuelled power stations, without a viable replacement. A phased strategy is required to keep bills down and for everyone to continue to enjoy a reliable and secure power supply.

In recognising this fact we should all be supporting the efficient CCGT gas-fired power stations which are 60 per cent less polluting than their coal cousins, and this interim strategy should include tidal and hydro generation schemes.

If fracking is introduced then there is absolutely no reason why your energy should not tumble – let your voice be heard dear reader and lobby your political representative.

Finally, it is utter folly to continue with wind, solar and nuclear fission, but why is government keeping very quiet about the potential of electricity from space and that of nuclear fusion, the holy grail of power production?

Dave Haskell, Cardigan

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