Tory housing plan is pie in the sky

Tuesday 26th April 2022 7:08 am
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Housing shortage
Housing shortage (Cambrian News )

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Patrick Loxdale, Chairman Ceredigion Conservative Association, proposes an innovative scheme to provide starter homes for young couples, utilising derelict farm buildings (Letters, Cambrian News, 31 March), but it is unfortunately typical of Tory ideology.

He says that owner occupation is his preferred model, and is dismissive of rental properties, and particularly dismissive of local and national government involvement, who, he says, should “keep out of the way”.

Like Mrs. Thatcher, who sold off the nation’s social, rented housing, Patrick Loxdale envisages a nation of property owning, conservative minded citizens, conditioned to enjoy the increasing equity of their homes, and vote for the political party that champions such a selfish policy. I

t’s a policy promoted by Stamp Duty holidays, quantitative easing, inflationary Help to Buy schemes, and near zero interest rates.

Furthermore, farm dwellings are usually remote, requiring transport, and many struggling couples are unlikely to have a car. It is only local government, adequately funded, that can provide rented housing near community amenities and at a scale to address the current, appalling housing crisis.

Roger Louvet, Porthmadog

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