Letter to the Editor: The statistics on domestic abuse reported in your recent News Focus were shocking but not surprising (Kick domestic abuse into touch, Cambrian News, 30 November).

Male dominance of women is well documented throughout history in every society and religion. In the 21st century women still live in a patriarchal society under patriarchal laws and still experience prejudice, discrimination, control, abuse and misogyny on many levels. It could get worse if laws are passed allowing trans women into women only spaces.

Nicola Sturgeon is rushing through legislation in Scotland which will see increased rights extended to trans people while simultaneously eroding women’s rights. Here in Wales, Plaid and Welsh Labour are both of the opinion that ‘trans women are women’. They are not. Giving men who simply identify as women the right to freely enter women-only zones is open to the further abuse and control of women.

The word ‘woman’ is already quietly being erased from many organisations, health and other public services, councils, schools and colleges with employees being strongly encouraged to use pronouns in the race to be seen to promote ‘inclusivity’. It is being replaced by the word ‘people’ eg ‘people who menstruate’, ‘people who give birth’, etc.

Our anatomy is also being renamed ‘chest feeding’ rather than ‘breast feeding’. It is frankly insulting yet women who voice concerns are accused of transphobia and labelled a TERF.

J K Rowling has received death and rape threats for tweeting her support of every trans person’s right to live any way they choose under the same laws and protections we all enjoy but not including men who can simply claim they identify as female and be given free access to women-only spaces including toilets, changing rooms, rape and crisis centres, prisons and hospital wards.

One trans person has been murdered in the UK since 2019 compared with, on average, three women a week and yet when a 54-year-old woman freaked out in a bar in Cardiff the other weekend when confronted with a trans identified male in the ladies toilet the police were called and arrested her!

High street stores such as Primark and M&S now only offer unisex changing rooms and incidents of men up-skirting and entering or opening the curtains on women undressing have been reported.

What is glaringly obvious to me is that when society believes a man who says he’s a woman instead of a woman who says he is not, is proof enough that society knows exactly who is the man and who is the woman.

Of course we can never tell who the predators are or who will abuse the system — which is exactly why ALL men should be excluded from ALL female only spaces.

A Evans,