ABERYSTWYTH and District Amateur Swimming Clubs members were offered a fantastic opportunity last month to practice their skills in the 50m National Pool in Swansea which was partly funded by the War Memorial Grant.

Over 20 swimmers of all ages, coaches and poolside assistants left Aberystwyth and headed for Swansea on the bus to visit the pool.

For many swimmers it was their first time swimming in a 50m pool and for others it was a brilliant opportunity to practice their skills before the long course West Wales Regional Gala in February.

During their two hours at the national pool, the swimmers worked on their endurance, pacing skills and their diving technique off the blocks. After a busy session in the pool, the swimmers and the volunteer coaches and poolside assistant visited the all you can eat buffet in the city centre as a well deserved treat!

The ADASC committee would like to thank the War Memorial for their generous grant once again to allow for this trip to be partly funded for the swimmers who attended.

They hope to offer another opportunity later on in the year so that more swimmers can benefit from training in the national pool.