An Aberaeron family has thanked members of the public who donated as part of the funeral of the ‘very popular’ Meuring Davies.

The funeral collected £1,600 for Aberaeron Ambulance Station and will fund the purchase of a variety of equipment which are essential to the station’s staff.

The money will also be used to decorate the station with local artwork, as well as install a bench outside of the station.

One member of the family, Gwenan Davies, said: “We’re incredibly grateful for all of the donations that were made. Meurig Davies was a very popular man in town, and his legacy will continue thanks to the people who donated.”

“The ambulance played a crucial role in allowing Meurig to get treatment, they were with us only 11 minutes after we put in the call for help. In an area like Aberaeron, they are paramount, and we are so grateful for them.”