During the summer solstice last Thursday evening both New Quay lifeboats were tasked to assist a 29ft sailing cruiser that had run aground on rocks on the approach to Aberaeron harbour.

The D-class inshore lifeboat, Will Morgan, and the Shannon class all-weather lifeboat, Roy Barker V, both launched on service after 8pm.

New Quay RNLI
Inshore lifeboat assisting the yacht (New Quay RNLI)

Brett Stones, helm of New Quay RNLI’s inshore lifeboat said: “We arrived on scene and found the large sailing boat stuck on the rocks to the entrance of the harbour.

Inshore lifeboat with casaulty on board
(New Quay RNLI)

“We were able to evacuate the lone sailor and took them ashore to meet our colleagues from New Quay Coastguard. However, the yacht was badly damaged and stuck on the rocks, so we couldn't move it.”