Ceredigion council has applied for a licence to begin work on a new coastal sea defence scheme for Aberaeron in a bid to save harbour-side properties from flooding.

The council has sent an application for a marine licence to Natural Resources Wales to carry out work that will include changes to South Pier, an extension to North Pier and the introduction of flood defence walls around the harbour areas.

Storms in December 2013, January 2014 and October 2017 led to the closure of Quay Parade and overtopping of the current defences within the harbour and South Beach, and Ceredigion council said it was “committed to protecting the town” after launching a consultation last year on the plans.

“The Welsh Government provided funding to design a scheme that will prevent the surrounding area suffering from future storms,” Cllr Dafydd Edwards, Cabinet member with responsibility for highways and environmental services said last year.

“It is predicted that 168 properties will be at risk of flooding by 2111 if nothing is done.

“The main aims are to protect the coastline from rising sea levels and storms; to protect people and property from flooding and to reassure residents and businesses that measures are in place to prevent flooding and coastal erosion.”

The application for a marine licence to Natural Resources Wales for the coastal defence scheme in Aberaeron outlines “five elements” of the plans.

“This includes the construction of a new rock breakwater, refurbishment and rebuilding of the pier-head of South Pier, flood wall construction, construction of a flood gate at Pwll Cam inner harbour and improvements to the existing defences on South Beach,” the applications said.

Some preliminary and remedial work on a harbour coast defence scheme was started in early 2019 in Aberaeron with local concern that parts of the harbour area, including the historic South Pier, needed significant repair.

A first tranche of sea defences for Aberaeron, built at a cost of £5.35m, were completed in 2009.