A peace vigil has been held in Aberystwyth town centre calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Residents of Aberystwyth came together on Tuesday, 5 December, for a vigil, which was led by the Welsh campaign group Heddwch ar Waith (Peace Action).

Also this week, Aberystwyth Town Council unanimously voted to write a letter to UK Prime minister Rishi Sunak and American President Joe Biden to support an immediate and permanent ceasefire.

More than 20 locals gathered on Owain Glyndwr Square where they heard Aberystwyth Deputy Mayor Maldwyn Pryse read the council’s letter.

Quoting the letter, Cllr Pryse said: “We demand you [PM Rishi Sunak, President Biden] support an immediate and conclusive ceasefire in Gaza. No situation justifies violence against civilians. We propose all held captive should be released immediately, and channels for humanitarian aid to be created, allowing for food and fuel to be delivered to stop further carnage.

“Further, we propose all war crimes be investigated with viable peace negotiations entered into and a sincere commitment to a just and permanent peace for all Palestinian and Israeli citizens.”

The Deputy Mayor continued, speaking about Aberystwyth’s history of supporting peace by referring to events such as the women led peace treaty sent to America 100 years ago, and the world’s first International Politics department was established in the town, leading the creation of the Welsh National Council for the League of Nations.