Aberystwyth restaurant Ciao Ciao will host a fundraising event to help a group of children from Penglais School raise enough money to go on an expedition to Kenya.

The group of nine children aged 14 - 15 years old need to raise £4,000 each by the summer in order to go on the expedition. The money will go towards flights, accommodation, insurance as well as food and equipment.

If they raise the money, they will set off with one of their teachers and spend a month in the in the East African country. While there, they will support a local community by helping build a school, and learn first hand about sustainable farming. On top of this, they will be travelling alongside a local tribe to learn about women’s rights and supporting girls getting into school.

This weekend’s fundraiser will take place on Saturday, 24 February from 5.30pm in Ciao Ciao on Chalybeate Street, Aberystwyth. The restaurant is owned by Egyptian owner Mina Zaky and his partner Naomi.

The couple hadn’t heard of the children’s plans until they were recently approached by one of their mothers, but Naomi said they “didn’t think twice” about helping out, calling the group’s plans “inspiring and refreshing”.

She said: “When we were approached we didn’t think twice. We don’t know the children personally, however we felt that it was so refreshing and inspiring to hear that children of this age were wanting to embark on such a journey. We really wanted to help in any way we could for those going on this expedition and those in Kenya that will benefiting so many ways from this fundraiser.”

At the event a variety of games will take place as well as a quiz hosted by the children. There will also be a raffle and a buffet.

Though the event was dependent on the owners of Ciao Ciao for hosting it, Naomi said school children Callum Griffiths and Pranav Krishna are “at the heart” of the fundraiser.