A trust which traces its origins back 100 years in Aberystwyth has donated thousands to local causes.

The latest round of awards to local people and groups was made recently by the Aberystwyth War Memorial Trust.

In this year, which is the centenary of the erection of the fine monument found on the castle front, some 26 recipients have benefited from the foresight of those who founded the scheme all those years ago.

The trust has its origins in the amount of money donated by the folks of Aberystwyth, to build the monument a 100 years ago.

Such was the generosity of the town folk that two buildings were purchased when the monument in the castle had been paid for, one in North Parade and one in Chalybeate Street.

Those two buildings became the YWCA and the YMCA.

These housed nightclub activity in the 1920s and ‘30s, right up into the ‘80s and early ‘90s.

When a decision to sell both buildings was undertaken, the money made was invested in bonds and the stock market.

The yearly income was then made available in an annual grant aiding schemes, called the War Memorial Trust.

Those grants are given biannually and the trustees oversee the applications.

War Memorial Trust
30 awards have been made by the War Memorial Trust in Aberystwyth (Steve Williams)

There are two categories, one is for clubs and societies who look after a facet of youth development.

Whilst an individual scheme is also covered for those excelling in sports and the arts, in pursuit of broadening their horizons by undertaking voluntary service.

The 12 trustees are nominated by the British Legion, Aberystwyth Town Council and the community of the area.

In 2023, 30 awards have been made; the category of clubs and societies sees a pony club, brass band, football, Guides, Brownies, Urdd, swimming and Penparcau hub all included as well as two new youth clubs.

On the individual side, Welsh gymnasts, an under-18 rugby player, an under-16 cricketer, a squash player, swimmers, five volunteers going to Kenya, a member of the Youth Orchestra of Great Britain and voluntary service participants in three continents are included.

This has meant an outlay of some £11,000 to £12,000 in 2023.

A spokesperson for the trust said: “When we remember that the scheme in this format has now been operating for over 30 years, the youth of the area are so lucky to still be able to benefit from the generosity of the Aberystwyth folk 100 years ago.”