A scheme for temporary accommodation for specialist workers as part of the ongoing near-£32m Aberaeron coastal defence works, has been given the go-ahead despite a concern raised they would be housed close to a primary school.

The units would be placed within an existing temporary site compound below the Penmorfa county council offices car park behind Aberaeron primary school.

A report before Ceredigion County Council’s 10 July development management committee said one comment of concern had been received on behalf of Aberaeron Primary School.

“We have concerns that the accommodation block would be too close to the school perimeter,” the school said.

“The children will be outside very often and there are potential safeguarding issues which may occur.

“To be within such close proximity of the school we would expect to have an enhanced DBS check.

“We already know that many of our families are very concerned after seeing the report via social media.

“It would have been wise to inform the school of the proposals before they hit the social media websites, so that we could prepare ourselves for the enquires which ensued.”

In its application justification statement BAM Nuttall says: “BAM Nuttall have planning permission to set up a temporary office compound with associated offices and welfare. As part of these works, we will require a specialist workforce who will travel to the scheme due to its remote location, in addition to our local labour.

“This application is to add overnight units to an already agreed temporary site accommodation layout.”

It says the site working hours pattern, of 7am-7pm, will allow the workers to have adequate rest breaks and also comply with the requirement for a minimum period of 11 hours break between shifts, adding: “Finding accommodation in Aberaeron locally, particularly in the summer months for the number of personnel on a shift-type basis is very difficult and not practical.”

At the committee meeting, members, who later approved the plans, heard the accommodation would be separated from the school grounds by a bund, with no views into the school; the units also being empty during the daytime.