I did not know when I went to New Quay Primary School that I was poor, I did not know when I went to Aberaeron Secondary School that I was poor, failing the 11-plus test was because I was poor. I did not know that failing to have five O levels was because I was poor. It was only when I became a policeman that I knew I was poor.

It was as a policeman that I discovered the divide, between the haves and have nots, in society.

It was as a policeman I discovered emergency services, education services and health services should, could and must be available to the rich and poor.

If you were one of the 10 per cent of society who own 90 per cent of the wealth of our country, you benefited in comparison to the poor.

I could see that in the public sector, rich had priority in education, health service and law enforcement.

I did not know how much social services care in the public sector should, could and must be provided in the public sector to all at the point of demand, not mainly in private sector.

I discovered when I worked in Bodlondeb Residential Care Home, now closed, which was in the public sector, why it was introduced - in support of those unable to afford the service.

The coronavirus epidemic highlights the neglect of social services care.

If you are accommodated in the public sector in Ceredigion, residential care is cheaper. If you work in the public sector you are paid a living wage. In my opinion these were the two main reasons why Awel Deg, Llandysul, Bodlondeb, Penparcau residential homes in Ceredigion were closed by government.They should be reinstated ASAP.

P.S. I am of the opinion that those who have lost members of their family to coronavirus should be vaccinated as soon as possible with the appropriate vaccination.

D Thomas Friend of Bodlondeb Friend of Awel Deg Llwyn yr Eos Southgate

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