BUSES will no longer stop at Bow Street railway station due to ‘timing issues’ – decision criticised by the local councillor.

Since the railway station opened in 2021, it has proved popular, with the T2 bus service, along with others, adding the railway station to its stops.

Transport for Wales has confirmed however that the T2 service will no longer stop at the railway station, which has a bus shelter.

Instead, bus passengers will have to cross the A487 and stand on the pavement opposite Huws Gray, with no cover, to catch a bus.

Cllr Paul Hinge has criticised the decision, saying the ‘timing issue’ reasoning was a ‘feeble excuse’.

Cllr Hinge said: “I have been having a number of irate discussions with disgruntled train users who have alighted the train at Bow Street to find that the T2 service is not coming into the Transport Interchange due to “timing issues”.

“Therefore those now alighting the train now have to walk out of the Interchange and cross the A487 to stand in all weathers at a Request Bus Stop to carry on their journeys.

“Since the Interchange was opened I have had cause to contact TfW on a number of occasions when buses had failed to turn right into the facility go around and either pick passengers up or indeed swing around the car park and back onto the main road an action that only takes a couple of minutes.

“I would like to remind TfW and the omnibus operating companies that this facility was set up as a Transport Interchange, one that sees passengers being able to use the train service, bus services, use the cycle parking facilities and of course car parking.

“To agree without consultation to the T2 service not going to this Transport Interchange is not acceptable and I ask for it to be restored at the earliest possible time.....and consign the feeble excuse of 'timing issues' to the file marked 'lame excuses'!”

In response to the criticism, Welsh Government-owned Transport for Wales said: “The T2 service no longer serves the bus stop at Bow Street Railway Station.

“However, the service continues to serve Bow Street and there are bus stops on the A487 which are within a five-minute walk of the station itself.

“This change has been implemented as part of a wider change to the T2 to improve overall service reliability.”