The oldest shop in Aberystwyth, A E Lloyd & Son, has been approached to supply the reception of King Charles III’s coronation concert with luxury Cuban cigars.

It all started with what the business’ owner, Peter Lloyd, thought was a prank call asking him to supply Windsor Castle with a box of Cuban Cigars.

To Mr Lloyd’s surprise, the order was real, and he quickly began preparing a box of 25 cigars to be shipped to Windsor Castle.

Some of the biggest names in the world will be attending King Charles’ coronation concert and reception, such as Katy Perry, Lionel Ritchie, opera singer Andrea Bocelli and the Welsh singer Bryn Terfel.

The concert will be broadcast live on BBC One, BBC Radio and BBC Sounds.

Cuban Cigars can only be grown in a specific part of the Cuban island, which is why a box of 25 can sell for £1500, but according to Mr Lloyd, the unique taste is worth the price.

A E Lloyd
Peter Lloyd in his Terrace Road store (Cambrian News)

Mr Lloyd said: “Cuban Cigars are grown in a soil that is unique to that part of the world, you could take the same plant and grow it in another country but it wouldn’t taste the same. They’re grown in the Northern part of Cuba, it’s that soil that gives Cuban cigars their unique taste.”

Cuban cigars can be ‘difficult’ to get a hold of, A E Lloyd & Sons are one of only 100 tobacco shops across the country who sell them. In the 130 years the tobacco business has been open, it has been able to make the contacts needed to be one of the few businesses in the UK that stocks Cuban cigars.

The Aberystwyth store is the sixth largest retailer of Cuban Cigars in the UK and Mr Lloyd said they're 'well known  in cigar circles'. The business' long history has royal connections at its foundation. When the business opened in 1890, it was named after Albert Edward, who was the Prince of Wales at the time.

Only six years after it opened its doors, the tobacconist would be asked to supply the Royal family for the first time. When Albert Edward was installed as chancellor of Aberystwyth University, A E Lloyd & Son supplied cigars for his commemorative dinner.