A Criccieth couple with 30 years of experience running their own restaurants have brought their skills to the beach with their new business, Tryc Coffi Gwenno.

Having sold their restaurant, the couple were unsure where life would next take them.

The two briefly lived in France before deciding to return to Criccieth, and try an idea that had been in their heads for some time – a food truck on Criccieth beach selling coffee and cakes.

One of the owners, Gwenno Hebert, said: “We sold our previous restaurant, Tir a Môr two years ago.

“We planned to go to live in France at the time, but after some time there we realised it didn’t suit us. Mainly because we missed our family, who all live here. But house prices in France went up, and we didn’t really know what to do over there.”

“I’ve had the idea of doing a coffee truck along the promenade for a while, and at the time I thought ‘why don’t we do that?’”

The coffee truck can be found on the marina side of Criccieth beach, near the coastal path.

Although they have only just opened up, business is already going well for the couple, who think they’ve found a viable business. One person came ‘three times’ for a coffee one day.

The business has been keen to embrace ‘the way forward’ and are encouraging people to bring their own ‘keep cups’, which would replace disposable takeaway cups.

Any customer with their own cup will get a 20p discount on their coffee. The couple also sell keep cups at the truck.