A new café opened its doors in Tregaron today (Monday) and promises to be ‘community haven’.

Claire Davies and Morfudd Pugh are opening Halen a Pupur on The Square in Tregaron and say the business, Halen a Pupur’, promises to be not only a great spot for food and coffee but also a community space, encapsulating the unique journeys of both women.

Claire, hailing from Mandurah, Western Australia, and Morfudd, a proud local farmer's daughter, bring a wealth of diverse experiences to the table.

"I'm excited to bring something fresh, new, and relevant to the area. There is a real need for a community space where people feel loved and embraced, and honestly, we are excited to bring a great coffee and brunch spot to Tregaron!" exclaims Claire.

Halen a Pupur
Halen a Pupur promises to be a community hub (Supplied)

Morfudd, equally enthusiastic about the venture, shares her sentiments, saying: "I'm excited to provide a lovely welcoming environment to local people and young families. As mothers, we feel it's important to provide a space that parents can meet and feel comfortable taking their kids along without any judgment."

Expect a menu inspired by Claire's past experience nourishing other mothers in her role as a birth and post-partum doula, featuring dishes rooted in her those experiences, including the much-loved post-birth waffles.

Located in the heart of Tregaron, Halen a Pupur aims to become a community hub, embracing the warmth of local connections and celebrating the rich tapestry of Welsh culture, with a dash of Aussie personality for good measure.

The cafe's name, meaning "Salt and Pepper" in Welsh, reflects the diverse yet complementary flavours that Claire and Morfudd bring to this culinary venture.