A CAMPAIGN has been launched to rid North Wales’ super prison of any connection with ‘Bala’ as it is “disrespectful and an insult to the town”.

A new petition in the town of Bala calls on the governors of the new HM Prison Berwyn in Wrexham to remove the name Bala from one of its wings.

There is increasing anger amongst the residents of Bala about the name being used for a prison wing, according to reports by local news source Y Cyfnod.

HM Prison Berwyn opened in Wrexham on the 28 February.

At the time, not many people were aware of the fact that Bala is the name chosen for the first prison wing to open.

A reception desk in that wing states ‘Welcome/Croeso i Bala’ with a picture of Llyn Tegid and the Aran.

The prison, which cost £212 million to build, will house up to 2,100 prisoners.

However there is increasing opposition among the residents of Bala and the area, not only to the name itself but the fact that it was seemingly done without any consultation.

Bala Town Council has confirmed that it was not consulted and county councillor Dilwyn Morgan, was also unaware.

He said: “Naming it Berwyn was quite odd in the first place but calling the wing that has already been opened ‘Bala’ sits very uncomfortably with me.”

“As a former pupil at Ysgol y Berwyn, Bala, it was heartbreaking to see it called HM Prison Berwyn in the first place,” says Llinos Jones-Williams who started the petition.

“But to name a wing after our town is a disgrace that’s even more hurtful.

“And to rub more salt into the wound, it has a large sign in the reception area with ‘Welcome to Bala’ and a lovely photo of the lake!

“We were not informed of this until the building opened, and to my knowledge, no one was consulted to see if we, local Bala people, were happy with the decision.”

Llinos has called for a meeting with Liz Saville Roberts MP to discuss the matter.

Andrew Roberts, headteacher of Ysgol y Berwyn said: “Without any consultation, I do not think it fair that a wing of Berwyn Prison is being associated with a town 30 miles away that is completely unassociated with the prison.”

Reverend Huw Dylan Jones of Llangwm agreed: “There was no reason to call it Berwyn Prison in the first place because it has no connection with the Berwyn mountains.

“To then call a wing Bala is disrespectful and an insult to the town.

“Names associated with Wrexham would be better suited to the place.”