CARDIGAN Castle has announced plans to open a new local history Research Room located within Castle Green House.

The Research Room, grant funded by Cardigan Town Council, is scheduled to open at Easter.

Largely based on the extensive collections of books, articles, press clippings and photographs from Glen Johnson amongst others, it will provide the community with a unique facility to research the history of their family, their home or anything else of interest within the Cardigan area.

Cardigan Castle’s Archiving Group of volunteers are painstakingly working through much of Glen’s collection in preparation for their introduction into the Research Room.

As well as this collection Cardigan Castle is keen for donations from other persons or organisations with any material they feel that would be of interest and use. This could include old photographs, newspaper stories, books or other documents that provide information on our local history.

The Research Room will be staffed with volunteers from the Cardigan Castle Archiving Group and other local history groups to help you find the answers you’re looking for.

Glen Johnson, Cardigan Castle Historian, said: “This is a facility which I have always wanted to see in Cardigan, and which the Castle will be the perfect home for. The intention is to build it over time into a physical and digital collection where people can research anything and everything to do with the history, archaeology and built environment of Cardigan and the surrounding communities.”

If you would like to volunteer or have items to donate, email [email protected]