CARDIGAN'S historic Guildhall has opened its doors to the public following a £3m makeover.

The iconic market building in the town centre has been closed for the last two years whilst extensive renovation work took place.

On Saturday, the hall reopened to the public for the first time.

Works at the Market Hall - where costs spiralled from an initial estimate of around £1.8m - included major repairs to the roof and walls to address severe water incursion, installation of a heating system together with solar panels, and upgrading of the electrical system.

A completely new entrance block at the rear will improve access direct from the car park to both market floors and the High Street, and include a lift and public toilets.

In a social media post, the Guildhall said: "After more than two years, a lot of hard work, and a lot of money invested, the Market will reopen.

"The building has been fully restored and upgraded to ensure that it's still here, serving the community, in another 160 years.

"With a new access from the Greenfield Square Car Park incorporating a new lift and public toilets on each level the building has been upgraded to the latest in technology and green energy.”