A community group in Aberystwyth are hoping to unlock the “full potential” of an underused potential event space in the town.

In October 2020, co-founder of Caru Aber Jeff Jones sent a proposal to Ceredigion County Council, asking them to “alter the bylaw on Plascrug Avenue” to allow for events to take place in the space.

Ceredigion Council have now confirmed there is no need to change the bylaw as there “is nothing in the bylaw preventing use”.

But in 2018, Menter Aberystwyth said they inquired about Plascrug Avenue as a “possible location for events”, but were told it was not possible.

A spokesperson for Ceredigion County Council said: “Requests for events that require a lot of infrastructure, for example, energy supply, cabling, access for vehicles, toilets, may have been declined whereas the Park Run, where infrastructure is minimal, has been approved.”

Councillor Kerry Ferguson
Cllr Kerry Ferguson congratulated Caru Aber on the “excellent news" (Kerry Ferguson)

“We have a lovely space in the centre of Aberystwyth which, in our opinion, isn’t being used to its full potential,” Jeff said.

“Last week, I received an update on our proposal for the avenue. Ceredigion Council agreed the bylaw would allow some of the activities raised by Caru Aber, for example street markets, winter or summer fates and fairs, should they be approached by an organisation to hold such an event.

“We know from conversations that Menter Aberystwyth looked into the space for their events but for the lack of services found it too difficult. We know there is electric and water at the scout hut halfway along and, with a little investment, this could be extended and made accessible for events to use.

“Obviously there is the park run to take into consideration and to work around, but in principle our proposal has provided a platform for a new location for events to take place.”

Kerry Ferguson, director of Menter Aberystwyth and Aberystwyth Councillor, said: “We have previously looked at Plascrug as a possible location for events back in 2018/19 when we were setting up our Summer Fete, but at the time we were told it wasn’t possible because of the bylaw, and St Michael’s kindly helped with a location for that new event.

“Our Christmas market will always remain on Baker Street as it fits with the other events on the day - Christmas tree switch on, entertainment, grotto, lantern parade - so moving location would be harder for us.

“However, it’s excellent news and a huge well done from us to Caru Aber - fantastic to see another event location in town and we can’t wait to see what comes of it.”

Plascrug Avenue in Aberystwyth
Jeff said the group hope this can unlock the “full potential” of the avenue as an event space (Cambrian News)

A spokesperson for Ceredigion County Council said: “Ceredigion Council clarified the conditions of the bylaw in place.

“The bylaw allows for certain events such as activities, like running, and does not restrict on trading. The council have a lot to consider should a request to use it be made, as there would be for events on the promenade and in the castle in Aberystwyth.”

Menter Aberystwyth is a regeneration partnership for Aberystwyth and the surrounding area, while Caru Aber is a volunteer group bringing together “people with a positive can-do attitude” to “make Aberystwyth a nicer place for locals and visitors”.