With so much being said and done about investing in our towns and villages, myself and many more people are concerned about the amount of empty shops in Aberystwyth.

I was recently watching a TV programme about a 150-year-old indoor market in Bath (Somerset) and how popular it was and how it attracted many, many people into Bath to buy local products and promote locally-made cheeses, veg stores, butchers - the list is endless. It was open three days a week and one day is given over to recycled goods.

It made me think, there are markets in Cardigan, Carmarthen, Swansea, Newtown, Welshpool and we in Aberystwyth have a pathetic little market out of the way at the top of town where very few people go.

Then we have the ideal spot in the empty Store Twenty One site. It’s been empty for years, why not open it up for indoor market stalls holders with much needed toilets, it is directly outside the bus station and train station with parking and most of all plenty of people come to Aberystwyth, people will also love browsing around markets, they always have, we are just full of cafes and phone shops.

I’ve lived here 40 years now, when we came it was a buzzing town with ‘character’ many people who have lived here all their lives must have seen a terrible decline. I realise online shopping doesn’t help, but come on Aberystwyth Town Council give it a try. Our biggest asset is we are a seaside town and we don’t use it, no boat trips, no fishing trips, no sightseeing trips, but what a beautiful coastline.

Also overzealous parking attendants don’t help either.

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